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Giving smart growth a leg up

Recognition programs help good projects gain approval, but occasionally some extra tweaking is in order. Author: Philip Langdon New Urban ...
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In Washington, Marion Barry’s old neighborhood turns whiter and more affluent

Author: Pbilip Langdon New Urban Network "The modest brick rowhouse, painted white with black trim, is similar to the other ...
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Paul Crawford, 60, planner turned new urbanist

Issue Date: Sun, 2008-06-01 Page Number: 14 Paul Crawford, a nationally known expert on form-based codes and a practitioner admired ...
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Kenneth Groves, led shift to SmartCode in Montgomery

New Urban News, October-November 2010 Kenneth Groves, whose nine years as director of planning and development in Montgomery, Alabama, resulted ...
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Rich McLaughlin, pioneer new urbanist

Issue Date: Mon, 2007-01-01 Page Number: 15 Richard McLaughlin, a Minneapolis-based architect and town planner known for his work on ...
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Get back to work!

Transit system planners should focus more on connecting major employment centers, according to a report released May 11 by the ...
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