Smart growth policy

News and resources relating to public initiatives on walkable communities and new urban planning.

EPA cleanup plan for Chesapeake Bay could crimp urban development

New Urban News, December 2010 Maryland’s proposed system for curbing water pollution raises alarm among smart growth advocates. For decades, ...
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Westbury redefines public housing in Portsmouth

Issue: April/May 2001 Issue Date: Sun, 2001-04-01 Page Number: 6 Virginia project features new urbanist design principles and looks like another Hope VI ...
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Ohio suburb readies itself for a changing world

Author:  Philip Langdon New Urban News Dublin, prosperous but worried, looks toward denser, more walkable development to thrive in the ...
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Kick conventionally-fueled cars out of Europe’s centers by 2050, European Commission urges

New Urban NetworkAuthor:  Philip Langdon The European Union is not thinking small. On March 28 the European Commission, an executive ...
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