Smart growth policy

News and resources relating to public initiatives on walkable communities and new urban planning.

Suburban Long Island loses its young

Author: Philip Langdon New Urban Network The number of adults in the 25- to 34-year age range who live on ...
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Giving smart growth a leg up

Recognition programs help good projects gain approval, but occasionally some extra tweaking is in order. Author: Philip Langdon New Urban ...
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Rainwater and bike changes proposed in LEED-ND

Now that the full-fledged LEED for Neighborhood Development program has been operating for several months, its rating system is being ...
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New urban community promotes social networks and walking

Author: Robert Steuteville Issue Date: Tue, 2009-09-01 Page Number: 1 A study of Orenco Station, a large traditional neighborhood development ...
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‘Shrinking’ the city cannot be the whole solution

Youngstown, Ohio, needed to think smaller, but the strategy has helped only to a limited extent. Author: Philip Langdon New ...
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Satisfaction higher in traditional neighborhoods, study says

Neighborhood satisfaction is higher among traditional neighborhood residents, even controlling for socio-demographics and other characteristics, according to a study published ...
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