News and resources relating to urban form, social interaction, and community life.

Walkable communities are healthier and happier

Source: Health24 Full Story: 'Walkable' communities healthier, happier Interviews in 20 New Hampshire neighborhoods found sizable benefits to living in ...
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Passion for community related to economic growth

New Urban Network A three-year Gallup study of 26 US cities found that peoples’ love and passion for their community ...
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Insights from the front porch

Author: Jim Constantine Issue: May/June 2000 Issue Date: Mon, 2000-05-01 Page Number: 5 Residents in a new urbanist community say ...
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New urban community promotes social networks and walking

Author: Robert Steuteville Issue Date: Tue, 2009-09-01 Page Number: 1 A study of Orenco Station, a large traditional neighborhood development ...
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‘Shrinking’ the city cannot be the whole solution

Youngstown, Ohio, needed to think smaller, but the strategy has helped only to a limited extent. Author: Philip Langdon New ...
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Celebration residents drive less, report quality-of-life benefits

Issue: May/June 2000 Issue Date: Mon, 2000-05-01 Page Number: 1 In a survey reaching half the town’s households, 63 percent of the residents ...
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