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First building under Ventura’s downtown code

New Urban News Issue: Jul-Aug 2010 Issue Date: Thu, 2010-07-15 Page Number: 11 Volume: 15.5 Downtown Ventura, California, has its first new Class A ...
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Californians ponder how to remake aging suburbs

Author: Philip Langdon New Urban Network Bay Area communities look at how to shift from the industrial era to an ...
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Giving smart growth a leg up

Recognition programs help good projects gain approval, but occasionally some extra tweaking is in order. Author: Philip Langdon New Urban ...
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Kenneth Groves, led shift to SmartCode in Montgomery

New Urban News, October-November 2010 Kenneth Groves, whose nine years as director of planning and development in Montgomery, Alabama, resulted ...
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Market-based retrofit of suburban strip corridors

Author: Erik Calloway New Urban Network The City of Huntington Beach, California, adopted the Beach & Edinger Corridors Specific Plan ...
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Rainwater and bike changes proposed in LEED-ND

Now that the full-fledged LEED for Neighborhood Development program has been operating for several months, its rating system is being ...
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