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New Urbanism: Best Practices Guide, 4th Ed.

The definitive reference on new urban ideas, practices, and projects.

October-November 2011 issue

Topics: HUD’s Choice Neighborhoods; Parking reform, transit-oriented parking policy, Obama vs. Congress, West Virginia town revitalizes, suburb remakes its center, ecological dividend, cul-de-sac makeover, thoroughfare manual, and much more.

December 2011 issue

Topics: Wall Street and urbanism, streets to plazas, Sustainable Communities grants, Choice Neighborhoods, TIGER grants, buyers prefer smart growth, protecting historic buildings, public health and planning, redevelopment in Georgia, Ecovillages, parklets

SmartCode Version 9 and Manual

A seminal work of the New Urbanism, now only $59!

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September 2011 issue

Topics: Walk Score, sprawl retrofit, livability grants, Katrina Cottages, how to get a transit village built, parking garages, the shrinking Wal-Mart, Complete Streets legislation, an urban capital fund, and much more.

July-August 2011 issue

Topics: Downtown Quincy makeover, agrarian urbanism, bike sharing, bike-ped issues, TIGER III livability grants, unlocking the value of remnant land, selling the neighborhood, “Not So Big” neighborhood, Landscape Urbanism versus New Urbanism, new urban resort community, granny flats, The Great Reset.

June 2011 issue

Topics: Mid-rise living, elevated walkways out in Baltimore, Jane Jacobs and observational urbanism, Affordable transit-oriented development, market trends leading to the coming housing calamity, rental and TOD to dominate market, New Town in bankruptcy, regional approach for high-speed rail, the civic costs of sprawl, redevelopment of Long Island mall

April-May 2011 issue

Topics: Transit-oriented development sites, benefits of “Cycle tracks,” gentrification versus revitalization, HUD Choice Neighborhoods grants, urbanists look for silver lining in economy, light rail produces development, pocket neighborhoods (courtyard housing), Close-in Maryland housing less expensive, transit outperforms green buildings, Charter Awards for 2011, shift to smaller stores.

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