Street Plans Collaborative



New York Office: 148 Lafayette Street, Floor 12 , New York, NY, 10013



The Street Plans Collaborative is an urban planning, design, and advocacy firm. We thrive on working with our clients, partners, and other likeminded organizations to improve the quality and function of the built environment. We seek to create successful public spaces and increase the effectiveness of multi-modal transportation as a means to creating more competitive and sustainable 21st century towns and cities.

In our work, we utilize innovative web-based planning methodologies to help our clients and partners advocate, plan, and implement progressive planning and design solutions. Founded in Miami Beach in 2009, The Street Plans Collaborative now maintains offices in New York City and Miami. Our core technical services are divided into three categories:

Active Transport & Transit Planning

  • Comprehensive Bicycle Master Plans
  • Pedestrian Master Plans
  • Walkability Audits
  • Transit Oriented Development Design
  • Bicycle Action Plans
  • Transit policy development (including federal, state and local policy)
  • Bicycle Parking Solutions (Including New York City Bicycle Access Plans)
  • Safe Routes To Schools Plans
  • Greenway, Path, and Trail Plans
  • Bikeway Network Audits
  • SmartCode Bicycle Module Calibration
  • Coming soon: SmartCode Transit Module Calibration

Urban Planning & Architectural Design

  • Corridor/Community/Regional Master plans
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendments & policies
  • Land Use/Zoning Code Analysis
  • Charrette Planning and Design Support
  • Development Standards
  • Building Type Development
  • Street Standards
  • Architectural Standards

Public Outreach

  • Web-Based Community Planning Tools
  • Livable Streets Event Planning, Marketing, PR, and Implementation
  • Urban Quality Analysis
  • Research and Writing
  • Project Implementation Services
  • Public Outreach
  • Smart Growth and Active Transportation Lectures, Trainings, and Advocacy Workshops