Smart growth policy

News and resources relating to public initiatives on walkable communities and new urban planning.

We don’t need no transportation

Charles Marohn, New Urban Network Door-to-door transportation for K-12 students may seem to be a compassionate policy from a society ...
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Many states spent transportation funds poorly

Author: Philip Langdon New Urban Network Smart Growth America says more jobs would have been created if governments had concentrated ...
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A community planned for transit now resists it

Author: Philip Langdon New Urban Network Residents of King Farm in Rockville, Maryland, are accused of NIMBYism in trying to ...
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A Sputnik moment for smart growth

Full Story: A Sputnik moment for smart growth As the annual summit New Partners for Smart Growth gets under way ...
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How design can influence walking to school

Robert Steuteville, New Urban Network An absurd story was reported this week — a South Jordan, Utah, mother was cited ...
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Walkable communities are healthier and happier

Source: Health24 Full Story: 'Walkable' communities healthier, happier Interviews in 20 New Hampshire neighborhoods found sizable benefits to living in ...
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