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Another high-tech company chooses downtown

Author: Philip Langdon New Urban Network Nokia, the Finnish cellphone maker, is moving its Santa Clara County, California, offices into ...
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How design can influence walking to school

Robert Steuteville, New Urban Network An absurd story was reported this week — a South Jordan, Utah, mother was cited ...
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The architectural maturation of Portland food carts

Robert Orr, New Urban Network Frequently on my morning walk to work I pass the imposing figure of Jimmy Nigretti ...
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Giving smart growth a leg up

Recognition programs help good projects gain approval, but occasionally some extra tweaking is in order. Author: Philip Langdon New Urban ...
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Market-based retrofit of suburban strip corridors

Author: Erik Calloway New Urban Network The City of Huntington Beach, California, adopted the Beach & Edinger Corridors Specific Plan ...
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Narrow streets are the safest

Issue: November/December 1997 Issue Date: Sat, 1997-11-01 Page Number: 1 Twenty-four foot wide streets are the safest, according to a ...
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