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Rooted in a philosophy of simple practicality, our elegantly crafted small home plans are built with efficiency, endurance and understated elegance in mind. We cater to those seeking the archetypal American home style – something informal, yet inviting – beautifully exhibiting the ‘Arts and Crafts’ architectural movement unique to our country. If you’re envisioning a small, energy- and cost-efficient house, a partnership with us might just be your solution.

Our small home plans include Bungalow House Plans and Craftsman House Plans:

Bungalow House Plans feature cozy, inviting homes with open floor plans and wide porches which answer the homeowner’s desire for outdoor living space. These small house plans emphasize quality workmanship and handcrafted beauty at every turn. The well wrought details in our bungalow house plans, from the low pitched roofs to the wide welcoming porches, lend themselves to a laid back and informal lifestyle.

Craftsman House Plans, related to bungalow house plans, typically feature the signature low slung roof with wide eaves and exposed wood rafters; an airy, open floor plan; and a vast, inviting porch spanning the width of the front exterior and supported by stately round or square columns.

Small yet highly functional living spaces equate to less energy usage over time. This is why all of our small home plans are green home plans; they lend themselves to efficient, sustainable construction, something that our builders have been executing successfully for a long time. Our green home plans translate into less waste during construction and less material usage overall. This leads to a decrease in cost, faster building times, fewer complications, and less energy wasted. In turn, cost savings can be put into energy efficient appliances, insulating systems, and even solar power.